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Julie Sole, LMHC, with Taco. Julie is available for EAP on Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday  beginning in January 2020.

Relationships can both hurt - and heal

We all have experienced some level of difficulty, pain and even trauma. The loss of a loved one, abuse, an accident or events we could not control. Those emotional scars can be difficult to overcome, and the impact of unresolved issues changes the way we live and our ability to identify and engage in healthy ways.


Sometimes, the emotional damage alters our brain, leading us to repeat undesirable and harmful choices.

Those patterns can be changed, and healing can happen through trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy and learning. Connecting with horses teaches our clients how to

engage in relationships that are respectful, kind and loving; where both parties needs are recognized and met.  

As Tim Jobe, co-founder of Natural Lifemanship TF-EAP says: "What's good for the horse is good for the person, what's good for the person is good for the horse."

Sponsor a Changing Rein Equine of your choice!

Our goal in our 10th year is to raise enough funds to support our herd! Our aim is to raise an additional $40,000 above and beyond the the $67,000 we raised in 2019. Horses require 24-7 care, whether or not clients and riders are coming to the barn. The herd is key to providing our services and their welfare is our top priority. 

If you've been wondering how to support Changing Rein and the work we do, we encourage you to consider a regular monthly gift in support of the herd.


As a Herd Sponsor, you will be offered a "meet and greet" opportunity twice a year to spend an hour or two with the equine of your choice. We'll teach you how to groom, halter and lead. We will also offer you a chance to interact at liberty with your equine in a round pen, experiencing the process we use to teach our clients how to make a request for connection using intention, energy and body language.

We will also list all sponsor's names on our website, facebook page and our Sponsorship Banner in our covered arena.



Monthly First Saturday Drum Circle--

Fun, Free Event Open to Everyone!


We all have a rhythm we find soothing -- so do horses! The first rhythms we experience is our mother's heartbeat and her movement as she carries us. We soothe babies by rocking them in our arms; we entertain them with more vigorous movement to entertain them. As children we run, jump, swing and spin. Playing an instrument, listening to music, dancing, swimming, running, marching, or even stroking the silky ears of our favorite pet -- all of these rhythmic activities 

engage us emotionally, help us to regulate and be comfortable with our feelings.


When we participate in a group activity like drumming, we experience more than our own inner rhythm, we discover the rhythms that connect us to each other, moving beyond our individual experience into an expression unique to the group as a whole. 


Shared activities can be healing, joyful and binding! Think of the joy children share jumping together on a  trampoline or skipping rope -- they move beyond themselves and into an experience of understanding and friendship with others.

Come drum with us! Feel the beat! Make new friends! And have some fun!

Natural Lifemanship's Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Workshops in 2020:

Changing Rein has partnered with NL for four years now, offering workshops with NL's therapists and equine professionals. As a participant you will learn about the science informing NL's approach to EAP/L and practice connection work with CR's equines.

Workshops are appropriate for mental health therapists, counselors, life coaches, educators, and equine professionals. You will learn about the latest scientific research about the brain, trauma and the skills to utilize NL TF-EAP's approach to connection and healthy relationships. 

Continuing Education Units for professionals are also available.


Fundamentals Workshop June 6-7; and an Intensive three-day workshop September 25-27. For more information and to register contact Natural LIfemanship directly:, or click the buttons on the right.




Save $100 if you Register by May 6th. Enter SAVE100-WA-JUN2020 in the coupon code box during checkout.

Tanner Jobe, Equine Specialist and Natural Lifemanship Trainer, leading a training at Changing Rein last year.

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