Changing Rein's herd teaches our clients and students what healthy connection looks like,

               feels like and how those skills are essential in healthy human relationships 



Changing Rein's Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning offers services based on the principles developed by Natural Lifemanship's Trauma-Focused EAP.

We have all experienced some kind of trauma, whether it is from the loss of a loved one, abuse, an accident or any circumstance that impacted our ability to regulate our emotions.

Our relationships with others can both harm and heal. 

Learning the skills to build a healthy connection with horses helps our clients and students understand how to engage in relationships that are respectful, kind and loving; where both

parties needs are recognized and met.  

As Tim Jobe, co-founder of Natural Lifemanship says:

"What's good for the horse is good for the person;

what's good for the person is good for the horse." Conversely, if the relationship isn't good for one of them, it won't be good for either.

CREAAT offers different services based on Natural Lifemanship's principles of healthy connection: equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted learning and Hands on Horses for teens facing difficult life circumstances. 

All clients and students begin in the same place: learning how to connect with horses on the ground, without halters, lead ropes or other tack, allowing the equine to choose whether or not to connect.

As prey animals, an equine's first priority is to be safe. It takes time to learn how to approach an equine in a way that invites them to connect with us. Equines communicate mostly through body language, and they are experts at discerning human intention and energy simply by watching and listening to us. 

Their sensitivity and response to our actions is key in helping us understand how we are perceived by others, revealing the need an opportunity for change: how can we behave differently in relationship to see our needs are met? How do we respond differently to meet the needs of our partner?

The give-and-take dance between human and equine give us valuable information and the skills to engage in healthy human interactions.

Why Natural Lifemanship Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

From NL TF-EAP website: 

As the original Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted PsychotherAPY (NL TF-EAP) NL is based on contemporary medical research that explains the physiological and psychological impact of chronic stress and traumatic insults on human development beginning in utero and through the lifespan. Founded on this science Natural Lifemanship views and treats psychological and behavioral disorders through a trauma lens by intentionally using horse physiology to regular human physiology and horse psychology to heal human psychology....the relationship between the client and their horse is the foundation for healing and every interaction between the horse and human, whether on the ground or mounted, has a therapeutic purpose.

We bring horses and people together
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