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Rosie McGee

1990 Percheron Mammoth Mule Molly

Like Duke, Rosie is leased to us by Dr. Jack Gillette. Rosie was a solid, steady mount for Dr. Gillette for over two decades in the backcountry trails all over the Pacific Northwest and Montana. When Rosie developed arthritis in her knees and could no longer safely carry Dr. Gillette on long mountain trail rides, he brought her to us. 


Rosie continues to be solid and steady for flatwork and for less challenging trail rides. Any time we are uncertain about new trails, one of us rides Rosie, as she always finds the way home or back to the trailer. Dr. Gillette has several stories of Rosie refusing to follow a trail because she knew it wasn’t safe. When told to go onward anyway, Rosie has been known to take a few steps down the trail before sinking up to her shoulders in mud or snow. After extricating themselves from the situation, the path Rosie originally wanted to take usually proved the safer one.


Rosie is a trustworthy and honest mount. She’s also great at doing connection work on the ground and teaching people to be clear about their requests, then be patient enough for her to offer a response. She loves children, and is extremely patient and at ease with children who hug her legs, crawl underneath her, or tug on her tail. Her preferred displays of affection, however, are ear scratches, belly rubs, and pets on the back of her thighs.

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