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Napoleon and Maybelline

Miniature Horse Gelding and Goat

Spunky, lively, playful, and lacking any concept of how small he is compared to everyone else, Napoleon very much lives up to his name. Napoleon will trot right up to visitors of any species to say hello. Affectionately known as “the little man,” Napoleon has no fear of horses bigger than him. He will, however, quickly duck behind a reliable person or horse (like Hercules) if the bigger equine decides they don’t like him.


He can sometimes behave like an annoying younger sibling who tests his elders’ patience, and is always looking for someone to play with him. A very vocal guy, Napoleon will whinny and nicker to people and other horses for their attention. Napoleon’s outgoing personality has made him a star when visiting assisted living facilities. He seems to know that his job is to go from one room to the next, one bed to the next, to nuzzle the residents and let them pet him and feed him treats. He has never had an accident inside!


We have a harness and mini cart for Napoleon, and he loves going on outings. When taken to the beach with two other horses, he was determined to keep up with them and had no problem breaking into the canter to keep up while pulling the cart.


A year ago, Napoleon lost his herd mate, Josie, another mini in our herd. A few months later, a friend brought us Maybelline the goat, who was only about a year old. She immediately bonded to Napoleon and the two of them have become fast friends. Jumping, running, head-butting - these two are constantly on the move. Maybelline does not like to be caught, but if Napoleon goes anywhere, she is right behind him.

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