Working with horses shows kids what they CAN do!

Hands on 


Our Hands on Horses program is designed for groups of teens from schools, juvenile courts, residential centers and foster homes. Working with horses inspires youth to find new ways of thinking about themselves, making positive choices for their lives and understanding what healthy relationships look like. 

After working with us and our horses, teens begin to improve in many areas with better school attendence,  fewer infractions with their peers, fewer disciplinary issues (such as disrupting classes), While learning how to set appropriate boundaries and communicate effectively with their horses, they also learn the skills needed to interact with others. The longer teens participate in the program, the more willing and able they are to work successfully in group activities, and develop leadership skills. Participation in Hands on Horses helps teens feel more positive about themselves, their future and their ability to make good choices.


Some Comments from teens after attending Hands on Horses:

"I didn't think I had a voice before, now I know I do.....Horses are like people -- they're all different......I didn't think I was a leader, but I'm a quiet leader, like Hercules.......I have learned I would rather be a follower than a leader, I don't like being in charge of others....I have learned I have to lower my energy because sometimes I can overwhelm the horses and people, too......I really like being a leader,  but I am sometimes too bossy, and I have to learn to stop doing that.....I learned that sometimes we have to say what we need......Horses teach you about your feelings and emotions.......I learned that you don't


Changing Rein partnered with the Eatonville School District for four years, serving middle school students. We have also served teens from Pearl Street Center, a residential CLIP program. 

In Summer 2018, we started a pilot program with teens from Pierce County Juvenile Court. If you have a group of teens, 12-18 and are looking for programming to assist them in developing positive relationship skills, see our contact info in the column on the left.








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