July Hobby Horse Competition

You’re invited to enter Changing Rein’s Hobby Horse Freestyle Competition! This is intended to be a competition of creativity and enjoyment as well as skill, and as such we have tried to make it as accessible as possible. Entries can be recorded in living rooms, at local parks, in your yard--anywhere that is safe to run in.


Each participant will put together a routine to any family-appropriate music according to the guidelines in the REQUIREMENTS section.

You may direct any inquiries and clarifications to the competition page or CREntries@gmail.com. The website page contains a sample entry and will be regularly updated with clarifications if necessary.

Natural Lifemanship's Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Workshops

Changing Rein has partnered with NL for four years now, offering workshops with NL's therapists and equine professionals. As a participant you will learn about the science informing NL's approach to EAP/L and practice connection work with CR's equines.

Workshops are appropriate for mental health therapists, counselors, life coaches, educators, and equine professionals. You will learn about the latest scientific research about the brain, trauma and the skills to utilize NL TF-EAP's approach to connection and healthy relationships. 

Continuing Education Units for professionals are also available.


Due to COVID-19, both the June Fundamentals and the September Intensive Workshop have been cancelled. However, there is an online option available

for the Fundamentals trainings. Contact Natural Lifemanship at www.naturalifemanship.com


Watch Natural Lifemanship Video  >

Monthly First Saturday Drum Circles

DRUM CIRCLES HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19. We will be able to resume once Pierce County has entered Phase Three

We all have a rhythm we find soothing -- so do horses! The first rhythms we experience is our mother's heartbeat and her movement as she carries us. We soothe babies by rocking them in our arms; we entertain them with more vigorous movement to entertain them. As children we run, jump, swing and spin. Playing an instrument, listening to music, dancing, swimming, running, marching, or even stroking the silky ears of our favorite pet -- all of these rhythmic activities 

engage us emotionally, help us to regulate and be comfortable with our feelings.


When we participate in a group activity like drumming, we experience more than our own inner rhythm, we discover the rhythms that connect us to each other, moving beyond our individual experience into an expression unique to the group as a whole. 


Shared activities can be healing, joyful and binding! Think of the joy children share jumping together on a  trampoline or skipping rope -- they move beyond themselves and into an experience of understanding and friendship with others.

Come drum with us! Feel the beat! Make new friends! And have some fun!

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