Meet #CRTeamLittle

Ida and Lily came to us as a pair in 2016 from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue when Ida was about 15 and Lily about 5.


Lily is missing her right eye from an accident, but she has never been fearful or worried around people, though she is an escape artist and loves to lead us on a merry chase to catch her. 


When they arrived, Ida was very reluctant to be touched by people. It took Sandra Boe a month of standing with a grooming bag and waiting for Ida to allow her to groom her. Every day, Ida would wait for Sandra at her paddock gate and allow herself to be groomed for longer and longer stretches of time.


Eventually, Lily became interested in being groomed, too, and would push her way between Ida and Stra for attention.


As the months passed and Ida’s winter coat shed out, we understood why she was so wary around people. Her body is covered in scars, and she has a notch in the tips of both ears. This suggests she may have been taken to auction twice and was twice rescued from being purchased and slaughtered for meat. She also has one particularly deep scar on her back right leg which had clearly been carefully sutured and looked after. Though the scar is well healed, Ida still does not like people touching her hind area. We have learned to approach her slowly and let her know our intentions. Once she understands that we want to groom her, Ida will relax and allow us to brush her.


Ida and Lily are close friends and strongly attached to each other. It took several months before we could take one away from the other to work with them individually in the arena. As each of them adjusted to being at CR and working with us, they have grown in their confidence and sense of security.


They have been very successful partners in working with young people. Ida, especially, seems to prefer teens to adults. Lily is happy to work with anyone, especially if they take the time to groom her, an activity she enjoys far more than Ida.

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